Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Last night I decided if my surname had been MacPherson, I would have called my first child Person.

Just got back from Headway, the centre for people recovering from head injuries. Monty invited me (Hi Monty!) to perform for his friends there, and I spent a lovely morning singing songs to the group and drinking tea. They asked me about my songs and about playing and music, and I could feel that lots of the people understood what my songs are about. It was a peaceful and calm thing to do in the middle of frenetic London and demands of jobs and things like that, and I floated out of the building afterwards on a sea of smilingness, leaving my guitar behind by accident.
I'm going to go back and do a song workshop for the Friday crew in April when I have finished my book.
Which reminds me, I'd better get started on that again.


Blogger monty said...

And we were entertained today with a fine performance of songs by a legend in the music business singer/songwriter Helen McCookerybook ex. Of The Chefs and Helen & the Horms. Armed only with a guitar, that Helen got from Ebay. Playing such numbers as: 'The word is goodbye' and 'London' Helen had us wanting more. As an audio recording just is'nt enough. Monty XXX

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