Saturday, March 03, 2007

Wizzo Dream

Supposed to be going down the West End in a minute, but had to tell you about last night's dream!
I had a full-size piano on the tube with me to busk with- it was in the gangway between the seats. As the tube train rolled along, I was playing.. then 2 girls got on, wearing retro spectacles, headscarves, short-sleeved jumpers and tweed skirts. They were delighted- they were singers and were looking for someone to play for them. They had their songs with them and we played all the way down the line, till we got to Tottenham Court Road, where I had to work out how to get the piano off the train.
Neat, eh?


Blogger chhrisp said...

That's a lovely dream Helen

Can you remember the songs?

Pete Chrispx

11:58 AM  

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