Friday, March 02, 2007

Dang Sure

I managed to get to Folk in Cellar to play last night; Little Bruv came along with his Brother-in-Law. Little Bruv thinks that the Cellar's a bit like Scotland; it is, really. There was a Scottish guy playing Irish Pipes and Little Bruv's Brother-in-Law's face took on an expression of total horror when he started up. 'Sorry' he spluttered in his quietest tones, which sent a reverb booming about the room, 'I really can't stand the sound of this. I'm going upstairs'. I was mortified by his subtlety, and had to concentrate hard on the piper for the rest of the set, to make amends.
Brother-in-Law came back down for the next act, a chap with unfortunate lyrics about The Love Glue That Sticks Us Together. Just as I (and I am sure many other members of the audience) reached a conclusion, after a little speculation, about what this might be, I sensed both Little Bruv and Little Bruv's Brother-in-Law reaching it too, and the latter's face contorted into an expression of utter glee. Unluckily for me, I was sitting in the sight-line of the unfortunate chap's girlfriend and I had to auto-Botox my face into an expression of glacial serenity as the two of them grimaced at each other like schoolboys.
Or perhaps it was my imagination... I was practically delirious by the end of the evening but it's such a nice place with such a nice atmosphere I couldn't bear to go home.
And I'm dang sure I didn't imagine those lyrics!


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