Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Reviews, I've had a few...
and www.myspace.com/isthismusic? the latest issue (but they have put the review in the Commments section of my Myspace). DJ Sonny has sent me the Esquire one but it didn't arrive for some reason... and Bobby's reviewing in the US.
Oh, and a lovely thing- Pauline Black left me a really nice message on Myspace!
What else?
Well, I'm back at work with my little pink bottle of milky fluid from the medicinal cow, Boots (that looks like fun! said a member of my household, so rather than leave it with a felt-pen mark on the side, it's here in case I need it).
Stu Jones wonders whether anyone has a copy of the Chefs' Richard Skinner session.
I saw Naboo on the tube yesterday. He got off at Hendon (seriously! There are nerdier people than me!!)
And sometimes I make myself perspire thinking of the dare game skateboarders used to play in Brighton, zipping under the wheels of articulated lorries as they roared along the seafront road. Might have to go there to look up more references on Monday.
What else?
I am very happy.


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