Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Being a Rock Star's Girlfriend

I know, I know, I shouldn't be skiving but I can't do much more now and I have been working for five and a half hours with only a couple of tea breaks.
Here is my rockstargirlfriendstory- or one of the many...
I was missing my rock star boyfriend, doing no gigs of my own, moping in my manager's office. 'Go to see him', she said. 'He will be pleased to see you'. I had no money but I sold my spare bass guitar and hopped on a Lufthansa flight to Hamburg, finding my way to the venue in time for the soundcheck. Yes, he was pleased to see me; but the horrible drummer was setting up his kit on stage, and unknown to him, the drum microphones were on. 'What's she effing doing here?' he snarled unpleasantly. His words boomed round the 500-seater at full volume, embarrassing everyone except him and me, for I knew he was an r-sole, and he knew he was one too and didn't care!


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