Thursday, March 01, 2007

Bandisch things

An Ampeg Reverb Rocket has moved into our house from Surrey, and it's sitting here, pompous and Egyptian-looking. I played through it last night and sounded like Bo Diddley, who is one of my all-time guitar superheroes, and that was great; I have some guitar chords that go with the sound and I might make an instrumental....
I did an e-interview for PlanBmag with Everettt True yesterday, too, and this morning I am going to scan over some old Chefs stuff to him to use; I think its going to be in the April issue.
And tonight I'm playing in Camden; I'm still not feeling that well but you don't blow out a gig, do you? Even about 14 months ago, I had an operation on the Monday and did a gig on the Friday. I did have to play sitting down though, like a frail little old lady perched on the bus.
Actually no. Not with a Green Gretsch!


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