Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It rained and then it sunned

I'm on weather-watch because I'm going through the screen-edit of the book- all the missing references, and it's hell! On Monday, I went to the library to check on some old NMEs and ended up with a sort of autum leaf-fall of scrappy brown little ole NME flakes all over my clothes; today, I'm sitting in a mess of papers, books, empty coffee cups and pens, doing more, more, more. But nice things too- did an e-interview for PlanBmag about the Chefs and this long lasting cup of tea sure as heck tastes delicious. Got that nice gig in Camden to look forward to tomorrow, and was asked to play at the Resonance Benefit in April, which will be brilliant. They have the best parties in the world, apart from my ones of course.


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