Saturday, January 13, 2007


Laughter is a relief, isn't it? I spent a huge amount of time laughing like a child last night at Martin's quick wits and ad libs. There was an amazing singing heckler with a hugely strong voice- the sort of singing voice an imaginary Welshman has. Instead of being put off, Martin did a double-act with him every so often. He could teach Sun Tzu a thing or two.
I got up an did some songs in the intermission, one of which was a new one, and duetted with Martin on 'Once I loved a Sailor' which is from the new album he has just recorded. It's a lovely song, and I've never sung with a proper crooner before. Actually, I haven't sung with a man on stage since the Chefs, at least five million years ago. And such fingerpickin'- there's a song he did in tribute to Etta Baker that just has the most fantastic chords and the most fantastic fingerpicking all knitted together like a Fair Isle jumper, complicated but catchy at the same time.
I took a picture of Martin playing but I've posted this one instead. He's talking to the imaginary Welshman after the gig, and I just thought it was a nice photograph.


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