Friday, January 05, 2007

False Man Leaning Forward with Real Stuffed Dog

This man leaning forward at an angle of 40 degrees can be found at the RAF museum in Colidale. I went there yesterday because we might take Song Club there if we can get funding for some more workshops. There are some very sinister planes, but also some charming bi-planes and some great helicopters, which I have always liked. And of course, lots of half-hearted models of people like this. I did a very stupid thing though, this morning. The funding man lives down our road, and I had the application form in an envelope with his name on it, no address, to post through his door. 'I mustn't absent-mindedly post it in the post box by accident', I thought, as I absent-mindedly walked straight past his house and posted it into the post box. So I went home and put a little nore on the post box to the postman: "If you find a letter without an address please post it though my door'. And do you know, he actually did!


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