Monday, January 08, 2007

DJs and mans in suits

It's my lunch hour, and I've got 20 minutes to write this, finish Sara's birthday song (I nearly have), and make some coffee. I gave a copy of the CD to Tom Robinson at Offline but as far as I know, he hasn't played it yet. As I was getting to sleep last night I played a new version of the counting-the-sheep game, where I invented pseudonyms I could use to write in and request that he play a track: Pip Fellowes, Ann Cartwright, Sandy Parker, Tom Beene, that sort of thing. I have sent one to Bernard Lenoir in Paris and also to Guillermo Pez ('Willy the Fish'), a DJ in Argentina who likes my stuff, but I'll never find out if he plays it!
On another note... I was looking for my comic strip of fox hunters hunting rats in towns (sploshers in the sewers instead of beaters in the undergrowth, rat-au-vin for supper and an urban fox gobbling up the remains by the dustbins at the end, laughing) to send off to see if it could get published, as there's been all sorts of stuff about rising rat populations due to recycling etc etc etc, and I remembered my bid for justice, long ago. I used to regularly illustrate a dastardly publication aimed at financial advisers; every two weeks they'd phone and say, 'We'd like a man in a suit...'. Suddenly the work dried up, and I couldn't understand why. I discovered they were re-using my exisitng drawings, and not paying me, as they should have done. So I called them up, and asked if I could come along and photocopy my drawings for my portfolio. And photocopy them I did, leaving them the photocopies (not good enough to re-use) and packing up my originals and taking them home with me. I didn't do any more work for them, but at least I got my drawings back, in case I ever want to have an exhibition called 'A man in a suit'.
I've just got hold of Alex Ogg's book, 'No More Heroes', all about punk bands. There's a hilarious interview with Joby, as well as the story about Jonathan running himself over in the section on The Chefs, and all the Brighton bands are there as well as loads others; it's a very well-researched book. I looked up the Prefects, and he had their Wolverhampton re-union in there. I was impressed, as I was there!


Anonymous Alex Ogg said...

Why thank you for the compliment!

Hope all's well in McCookerybookworld!


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