Saturday, January 06, 2007

Later that day (well, not much later)

I've already posted about this but I've been emailing a band called 'Never the Bride', because I think they sound a little bit like the Monochrome Set, and I remembered when we borrowed the choir uniforms from Fulham Parish (Lester's bagpipe-playing dad was the Vicar there) ad did that gig at the Venue in Victoria, when I'd been given the violin for Christmas that so upset the 7 cats in our house, and all you can hear on the pirate recording of the show is my rendition of 'Oh Susanna'. Bid sang the Bible. There were loads of us onstage- all of the Monochrome Set, myself and more, we'd had no rehearsal and, naturally, sounded like a slow explosion in a sausage factory. It was such good fun though. Sometimes I think about ambitious wannabe popstars with their business plans tucked under their arms, and feel eternally grateful for the fact that I'm the sort of person that blunders through life in blissful ignorance of anything sensible or normal; for every dangerous and nasty adventure I've had, there's been an episode of surreal and ridiculous brilliance to make up for it!


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