Saturday, January 06, 2007

Bottles of Wine

Well I never- the Indian Takeaway delivery man brought round a bottle of Sherry last night: it's almost embarrassing to be such a regular customer that you get rewarded with a bottle for the New Year, but it's very touching too! And I've just been out to the postbox and stuck another note on it, because I've put a bottle of wine behind the plant pots for the kind postman who rescued my letter.
DJ Sonny, from Thailand, contacted me and said that Suburban Pastoral is in his top CDs of 2006 and I'm over the moon about that! Sometimes it has been so difficult to do everything- from recording, which has nearly all been done in three hour slots in the morning because of working and all that, to the financial thing of doing extra work to pay for it all- of the most boring sort, too. Thank you DJ Sonny!
Also, yesterday, Martin texted me and asked me to do a few songs at his gig at the Hobgoblin next Friday, and also suggested we might do a Zoom album together- what a great idea! Micro technology, spontanaiety, a bit of co-writing- what a project for 2007! I know our singing voices sound good together because I've heard the mixes of the songs of his that I sang on in the autumn.
Meanwhile, a very good friend of mine has a birthday in early Feb and I'm trying to write a song for her- very difficult, as our friendship started in a tough part of both of our lives, and it needs to have particularly good lyrics. Can I do it? Watch this space.


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