Thursday, January 11, 2007

Songbird last night, Kalamazoo tomorrow

Went to Songbird last night; it was Diana's birthday and she had on a Ronettes-type wig and funky little Sixties dress. Everything was running late but it's not surprising given that it's such a relaxed place. Katy Carr (that's her, above) was great- I haven't seen her play live for ages and it was lovely to hear her voice again. She does what I always try to do- sings each song as though it's the first time she has thought those thoughts, and the first time she has expressed them to anybody. She also has a really strong style; every time I see her I isten to different bits of what she does, and last night I was listening to the chords she played- surprisingly jazzy, for a person who is more often classed as a folk artist. She has some new songs as well, one she wrote last week was excellent. I love stuff that's hot off the press!
There were some fantastic kitsch lights all over the place- it was like a magician's cave. Sadly, I had to leave before the steel cello and just as loads of people were arriving to party, It's just that my chariot turns into a punpkin at midnight, and I turn into a frog. Or was it an owl?
I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, the Kalamazoo at the King's Head on Crouch End Hill. Come if you can- Martin Stephenson's playing and he's brilliant, and I'll be playing a couple of songs there too.
New Year's resolutions:
1. Stop apologising on stage. Diana made me cringe by quoting some of the things I said back to me, verbatim. O, the shame!
2. Play some gigs outside the UK- Paris, Berlin, New York, Dublin. San Francisco would be nice. Always wanted to go there!


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