Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I found a great website yesterday, that is all about music censorship all over the world, and that i think everyone should look at when they find themselves taking music for granted. The best thing is that it's quite up-to-date and it's full of fascinating info. I am particularly interested in the situation in Zimbabwe, which is where the battle for freedom of speech in music is, in spite of the very dangerous situation opposition musicians find themselves in, being fought with a degree of humour on both sides that sums up a sophistication in African people that is often overlooked by people who consider their societies to be more developed. For instance, because of the problem with oppositional lyrics, one band has a song about getting old and past it, which they sing with a spotlight on a portrait of Mugabe!
Take a look if you have time. I won't, for today is Housework day, pursuing dustball tumbleweeds from room to room, holding the vacuum cleaner together as it falls to bits while I use it, wondering where in the house the crumb-manufacturing plant is situated, and looking through the wheelie bin because I think somebody has accidentally thrown away the green Christmas stocking with a padded Santa on it that McMum knitted for me when I was a little girl.
Fact: Little Bruv has a brown knitted teddy called Freddy. Why? Because it was made out of freads.


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Housework day on a Wednesday, eh? I used to find Saturday was hugely suited to polishing, vacuuming and the like. Kind of 'now it's done, time to enjoy the rest of the weekend with a clear conscience' kind of thing.

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