Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saturday Assortment

I have a tall beautiful musician friend who has been in some very well-known bands. A couple of days ago, she was really upset by a man who aggressive-tailgated her, bumped into her car and then came alongside, swore at her and told her she was ugly. I told her she should've told him he was ugly too, but she said that he wasn't though, he had a really handsome face. Well, this has really bothered me and I finally came up with a suitable reply yesterday- 'I am famous, and your soul smells'. I'm going to try this one myself sometime...

Penny Broadhurst had put 'Heaven Avenue' on a podcast at

Apology from a drummer: one of our drummers was constantly stroppy, very stroppy all the time. After he left the band, he took up a different career and I bumped into him one day. He said how sorry he was that he had been so awkward and explained that it was because drummers do their brains in- one arm doing this, the other arm doing that, one leg doing the other, the other leg doing something else.
It does their brains in, he said.


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