Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Still tired but motor running again

Ah- turn on your radio, Gina Birch has just called and she's on Radio 4 Woman's Hour this morning talking about the punky time... I would love to talk to members of Delta 5 and the Au Pairs who played bass or guitar....
I've got a series of gigs coming up, and will post them tomorrow or later today when I've done a bit more transcribing of interviews.
I also did an interview myself a few days ago for No Class Fanzine
www.noclass.co.uk/fanzine.html which follows up the Chefs one I mentioned a few postings ago. They are going to review the Helen ans the Horns Etc CD soon as well.
What else? I am still waiting on tenterhooks to see if BJ Cole has finished my tracks- he's playing on two of them. I have posted a new one on Myspace, www.myspace.com/helenmccookerybook called Colour My Day which has Allan Bradbury from The Irrepressibles playing cello on it. He played on 3 tracks but this one's the only one that's mixed so far. I am pleased because Dubulah from Temple of Sound says he'd like to do some live stuff with me- we have done stuff in the past and that should be a larf as he's an ace guitarist. Guitars rule! (fickle ex-bass-player speaks). Final gossipy thing- Paul Laventhol, one of the guitarists from King Kurt, is coming to talk to the students at the University where I work on Thursday.
Make me a cup of tea, please!


Blogger goldtop said...

I was listening to the thing on R4 and thought of you and your book... :)
Here's some tea...

11:18 AM  
Blogger Rob Mackenzie said...

I enjoyed Colour My Day and the other tracks there as well. I honestly didn't realise you were still recording, but it's great that you are.I'm pleased to find your blog.

7:55 PM  
Anonymous Worthing Paul said...

Bah, missed Radio4.

Have to concur with all Rob Mackenzie said. You're in fine voice too. :)

3:48 AM  

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