Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Recording etc

Well I was in the studio last night (cool baby, huh?) and finished mixing a track called Colour My Day which I'll upload on to Myspace instead of Hill of Fools. Also I recorded a new song- a miserable one- called Little England. I was thinking of starting a special Myspace for my boo-hoo songs called Helancholy McMelancholy but decided against it- would be better to have a Helen and the Horns one as there's some live stuff I could put on there. But tending these accounts.. I'm no music-shepherd! Also I digitised (get with the lingo, chick)
a track I did ages ago for a documentary on Millwall football club, using their chant 'No-one likes us, we don't care'. I had a copy of it and taped over it last Wednesday, like the idiot I am. Coincidentally I'd just been talking to someone about it and they said they wanted to hear it- bad karma! I'm just about to phone BJ Cole and ask him if he has played on the tracks I sent him, but I'm writing this instead because phoning people makes me nervous and writing blogs doesn't. Dubulah says he wants to do some music stuff with me too, and he's an ace guitarist.
Shouts to Joby! Congratulations on your forthcoming nuptials, sorry your email didn't get thru.
(If anyone else has emailed the yahoo address and I have not replied, it may be that I never received it- leave a comment and I will reply to that).
Going to interview Ari Upp this afternoon, so must stop this now and write questions!


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