Thursday, March 02, 2006

Weird fact about Heaven Avenue

I'd almost forgotten- the first time I played it was in a tiny, tiny club near Goodge Street full of people who looked just too fashionable to be true- but they seemed very friendly. I started to play the song, which I'd only just written, and they all started joining in straight away. I was gobsmacked- how did they know the words? It was lovely, though, almost like when I work with the primary school children, but I could not understand how they did it. Afterwards they were really affectionate.... it wasn't till a few weeks later I found out that they were all off their faces on Ecstacy- is there something about that drug that turns people into mindreaders?
P.S. JUst got the pedal steel tracks- can't put them on to my songs till Monday but will upload them asap- perhaps it's time to take Heaven Avenue off Myspace now.


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