Friday, February 17, 2006

Rehearsal, etc

Had a good rehearsal last night for our gig at the Harrison Bar tomorrow. Lots of blowing and yelling. We are doing Britannia Great, Temptation, Northbound Train, Lonesome Country Boy, Two Strings to Your Bow, Snakebite and Footsteps at my door- but not the version with French lyrics, as I haven't learned them yet (Ici naguerre s'etendait mon amant, idiots sans coeurs vous dormez ignorants). We have matching t-shirts (mysterious, huh?). I also have a solo gig booked at a pub called the Macbeth in Hoxton in March, but mostly, still just recording. BJ Cole (pedal steel supremo) has a couple of tracks to play on, one of which is my new-best-friend song, Dreaming of You (I really dreamed the whole song, just over a year ago).
Should be fun tomorrow night- poets etc, costs £3 and £4 to get in, 28 Harrison Street WC1 and we're on at 10.30. Might be interviewing Ari Up in the afternoon!


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