Monday, February 27, 2006


I got up at 5.30 a.m on Saturday to go to Paris by Eurostar. Up the Sacre Coeur by funicular, photographing the graveyard with all its little stone houses with gardens for the remains of the dead, to the Louvre to see the Ingres exhibition, strawberry tarts and hot chocolate, buying socks in the Galeries Lafayette.. then yesterday, up the Eiffel Tower to the top where it was so scary- the lift was wobbly and you go up the pointiest point through this web of ironwork that DOES NOT LOOK STRONG AT ALL- I had to come straight back down again very quickly! Then an accidental sightseeing trip by boat (thought it was a riverbus) and then home again. I am SO TIRED and it was VERY COLD but it was GOOD FUN! But I hope I don't have to talk to anyone today.
To the comment-person from last posting- parts of the Ari interview will be in the book I'm writing, The Lost Women of Rock- I have to finish it by May this years so it can come out next year. I have also talked to:
Vi Subversa- Poison Girls, Poly Styrene- X-Ray Spex, Lora Logic- Essential Logic, Rachel and Hester-Dollymixtures, Enid Williams- Girlschool, Gaye Black- The Adverts, Tessa Pollitt- The Slits, Zillah Ashworth- Rubella Ballet, Lucy O'Brien- Catholic Girls, Gina Birch- Raincoats, Liz Naylor- Gay Animals
June Miles-Kingston- the Mo-Dettes, Steve Beresford, Attila the Stockbroker, Caroline Coon, John Peel
Geoff Travis, and lots of female instrumentalists who never got very famous, band managers, and so on.
Now I have to start writing it!


Anonymous sim said...

Comments person here, thanks for the reply. Hey that's quite a line up. This does look like an interesting project. I look forward to reading it - It must have been fun tracking them all down and not that easy. I think the Delta 5 might fit right in there, now they are re-releasing at KillRockStars.

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