Sunday, February 19, 2006

Where me bones gone?

Woke up this morning and it seemed as though all the bones had left my body and gone on holiday without me. A body without bones is very comfortable, but not much use. Eventually they returned, and I remembered why I was tired- the Harrison gig last night. Horns, you played great, I really enjoyed the gig a lot and it was great to see some friends from way back (hello Treacle!) and,I hope,to have made new friends. I really liked Frank Bungay as well, and Sergeant Buzfuz has a way with lyrics. And the poet made me laugh so much I nearly choked on the banana I'd eaten for tea some hours earlier.
It was for me one of those nights when I play with someone else's fingers- or that's my excuse anyway. But singing, yee-ha! Wish I could do it for a living instead of talking and looking at pieces of paper with 'important' things on them all day! (important? call the fire brigade!)
Last Songbird at the Harrison, it's moving to Russian Clup Bomonti (not my spelling error!)
A duet with Johny Brown is in the offing, and BJ Cole is playing on some of my tracks, and his cotton socks must be blessed, for verily he told me I am a good guitarist! :)


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