Thursday, March 27, 2008


On Tuesday I went to visit two of my students from the University of the East who are doing work placements; one was at the British Library listening to the applications for the unsigned stage at Glastonbury 2007; the other was working for a little label called Gronland. It was interesting, and I've got more people to visit. Today, I went to Denmark Street with a student from the University of the West who wants to buy an acoustic guitar for a hundred pounds. We listened to a few rude men lying and I explained to her that nearly all of the men who work in those shops are rude to their customers, male or female, but often ruder to the female ones. It's interesting to inspect them as they arrogantly dismiss you as a feeble twat and then do a bit of complicated picking to annoy them. She tried out a few guitars and she liked one best and I liked another best; I realised that I like varnished necks because I play my chords all over the place and it helps me get about; she, however, was listening out for a particular bright tone.
She's sleeping on it and might go again tomorrow.
I talked to Pretend Robson Green (I'm sure I shouldn't use people's real names, Tom)this morning about his songs; both Martin and myself are mentoring him and it's going to be really exciting to see what he comes up with: he's an animator and story-writer and we're being his song-writing angels until July.
Tomorrow I'm catching the train to Glasgow to support the Daintees at the Tron. I have a song, Glasgow Train, that I'm dying to play but it gives me cramp in my fingers because it's so pickety-lickety. Let's see how it goes, shall we? Perhaps a double dose of cod liver oil could help.


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