Sunday, March 23, 2008

Love on the Wind

It's funny, I spent ages yesterday trying to work out how to edit a dvd I got sent by the Bar Latina- I wanted to try to put just one song on Youtube, but I gave up in the end because I couldn't work out how to import it into the iLife edit suite for choppage. So you won't be able to see what I look and sound like unless you come to a gig.
Actually, the Newcastle gig was filmed and I'm just about to sned them some old Chefs/Helen and the Horns pix to put on the film too.
I've left that spelling mistake because the computer keeps putting red wiggly lines under what I write and I have decided to feature mis-spellings on purpose now just to get on it's wick. Wouldn't it be funny if Bill Gates got a little nip a bit like a flea bite every time one of his programmes annoyed someone? He'd be hopping about constantly, yelping and twitching. That'd teach him, the world-dominating horror!

I'm practising a new song for Glasgow Tron on Friday- I wrote it on the way up there last time, on the train. Guess what?
It's called the The Glasgow Train.
It kills my fingers though because it's all fast fingerpicking. I'll see how it goes. If the audience looks at me funny, I won't play it!
The blog's been suffering- firstly because I've been to tired from doing extra work to go out much (I missed Katy and Circulus on Thursday and Hamilton Yarns on Friday, although I did try to get to that one but was entirely scuppered by complex Tube peccadilloes and gave up two hours into my journey to Deptford). But also, when I had my phone nicked, I lost my neat little camera; however, I bought a second hand digital camera on Friday which is absolutely wizzo. I have photographed the entire contents of my room: McMum's teddy, Growler Bear, looks fabulous. I have photographed one of the cats because he was meowing and annoying me, but he wouldn't stand still so I have lots of photos of his tail as he disappears out of the frame. I have photographed a painting of some swans wings because I am going to make a collage of a mythical beast for the cover of Polyhymnia, with my face, although I look ugly at the moment from stress and lack of sleep so I'm gonna have to wait a few days to see if I magically transform into a photogenic person. But soon lovely photos will be appearing here again. Until then, here's the little Bonzo illustration from the Myspace version of 'Love on the Wind'.


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