Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Creativity through Chaos

I met up with Daniel Coston, the photographer, and his partner Sandra, who were over from Charlotte to have a typical English Holiday. So they got the March rain and March wind before going off Queen-spotting (not that sort, silly). We sat and talked about the Zombies, who they'd seen twice at the weekend. Apparently they played one of my all-time fave tracks, Say You Don't Mind, with the original string arrangement; I would love to have been there.
Later, I went over to visit Rachel Davies. She makes great films and has just finished an installation based on Manchester Girls' Choir; she was a member years ago and had found lots of other ex-members to create the music with. It was an open choir, who were so dedicated that they even won the Eistedfodd in Wales one year. Our lives are chaotic at the moment, but we still managed to whizz up some frothy exciting ideas. She is a film-maker who makes films like songs, and I am a songwriter who writes songs like films, so there's an in-between bit to what we do that we think we will make something with. I always leave her with my head buzzing like a spring bee.
Last night, I had an absorbing evening looking at the storyboards and short stories of a potential songwriter that I will be mentoring over the next few months. It will be fascinating and I realiase it's going to be an experience that teaches me a lot too.
And this morning? After a surprisingly painful but brief hospital experience, I plundered TK Maxx and came away with all sorts of unsuitable clothing which I will terrify my family with over the coming weeks.


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