Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Side Cafe

I really enjoyed last night's gig at the Side. Beforehand Shippy did n interview which was filmed for a promo, but what I said was really silly I think. I was too much fun.
The world's most courteous barman works there- what a change from the Rude Restaurant Manager at Viva Viva who marches across the sightline clanking plates, stomping his feet and jangling the keys in his back pocket! This guy squeezed fresh orange juice and showed us into a quiet room before the gig.
The crowd was small but friendly and listeny- seems like the tummy bug got a few people but Robson Green (the pretend one who is better than the real one) turned up with his parents and friend, and they were a very merry crew indeed. The audience laughed at my jokes, which was a relief because I always laugh at them selfishly myself and it disguised the fact I was doing that. Because it was being filmed, I made a mistake in every song (I have a video of me and Paul playing Horns songs in Berlin, and one of us completely messes up each song in turn, so I can't use it for anything). I really enjoyed it though; I wore my party clothes and got into my gig in a big way (that's what it's called- Rag, our tour manager in the Horns, bought himself cowboy gear to 'get into his gig' as our roadie). Gemma who runs the night played beforehand and she has a lovely cool clear voice, and I want to help her get some gigs about the place.
What else? Martin Stephenson, on his way to Hartlepool today, joined me for the last three songs (I will have to show him how to play more of them). It was a jolly night all round. I am knackered cos I drove back today.
Oh yes, and I had a Mark Toney ice cream in the Grainger Market. Perfect Bliss, since you ask.
Megane has done a remix of The Word is Goodbye:


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