Friday, March 14, 2008


I've had two days of meetings, which although it's not my favourite activity, weren't too bad. Yesterday's was with some people from Channel 4 who are organising a debate about the arts in schools and I am going to take part because I Have Opinions.
Today is a day off in which I can catch up with things. One thing I'll start to do is to design the cover for the CD. Voiceprint are going to bring it out; I picked up more mixes from Tom last night which I'll listen to with a fine tooth comb (believe you me, it can be done, as John Noakes would say). It's going to be a collage, because I want it to be bright and positive and fun. There are not so many droopy tracks on this one because generally I am much happier, having made some life-changing decisions, but they have not all come into operation yet, so it is happier with a shade of grey looming in the background.
I did a great thing yesterday- I walked from Oxford Circus, down Carnaby Street and then through Old Compton Street (the gay men weren't out yet, although one or two were sleepily perusing the windows of Clone Zone), through Chinatown (it made me HUNGRY), through Covent Garden and on to Charing Cross with a cup of coffee to keep me warm; after the meeting I walked over the pedestrian bridge across the Thames to Waterloo. London can seem as though it belongs to you if you do a morning walk like this: there are not many people around and those who are make eye contact and actually look like people rather than elements of a crowd. You can also think; it's not too noisy now because the congestion charge has de-trafficked the streets to some extent. There is just so much to see. Everyone seems to be putting things together for the day, vans delivering, men shouting to each other and thumping brown cardboard boxes about shutters rattling up, pairs of smart young women in uncomfortable shoes in a hurry, colours, colours, colours; you can float through it and explore it without leaving a trace behind you. When you're done, it feels as though time has stopped briefly and you are refreshed and excited about things again.

So now I'm wondering; I could do a little tour of the UK round about August. I wold love to play some festivals. I think if Carl and myself sorted out the Chefs CD and artwork we could do that too so we should meet up and get rolling. There are other bulbs blooming in my head; I was sent the DVD of the show I played at the Bar Latina (what a fabby venue) and some of it is not bad so perhaps I should chop some of it out and put on Youtube.

On Monday, I'm starting work on four songs with three Primary Schools in Northumberland (including Wylam School, which is the one I went to and got the sh*t shaken out on me by Mrs Herdman, along with 39 other tiny frightened children). It's going to be hard work but I am certain it's going to be fun.


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