Thursday, March 20, 2008


Well, one of the schools was finding it hard calling me McCookerybook; but I didn't want them to call me Reddington, as I'm ex-Reddington now. Nor should I be McCallum, my childhood name.
I remember writing music for a very serious feminist documentary once and the documentary makers begging me not to be McCookerybook on the end credits.

I've always rather liked having interchangeable names; or rather, I did until the bank refused to let me sign the name McCookerybook even though I had a bank card with that name on it for my bank account.

Would the publishers have taken my book proposal seriously if I had been called Helen McCookerybook?
I definitely didn't want to be a Reddington who made music; that wouldn't have joined up with the past of the woman who made music with The Chefs, would it?

Hum drum tickety-gum, what's in a name? They are just labels with links that people use to categorise each other.
I think it's brill to have a few, and I'm sure Joby Jackson/Visigoth aka Philip Cripps would agree.
And Johnny Rotten, Dick Damage, Palmolive, Poly Styrene, Lulu, Ringo Starr, Banksy and Elizabeth Windsor would too, to name just a few.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You will always be Helen McCookerybook to me!



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