Monday, February 26, 2007

Exciting Eel Fight

Two conger eels, at loggerheads, wrestling to the death, writhing, thrashing. Between bouts, a lorryload of cold, sharp, wet gravel is tipped into the ring. Venue? My tummy, last night. Even my nocturnal attempt to calm things by flinging a globule of ghastly live yogurt at rocket speed (can't stand the taste) straight down the back of my throat failed miserably to kill the deadly bug. But today has to go ahead- into the library to look up more missing details for the book and then a radio interview that I can't remember the subject of. I was telling Katie P on Friday about being interviewed live for Woman's Hour; the presenter asked a question, I started to answer, and during the course of the answer, forgot what the question was! What a bloody panic! The sentence got longer and longer... I was looking helplessly at the presenter for clues, rambling, rambling, this and that... heart thumping, mouth dry... then it dawned on me: simply finish the sentence. Which I did.


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