Friday, March 09, 2007

Sun and laziness

At this moment, I should be out doing errands.
There is no milk, I am hungry and there's no bread and I can't have cereal because there's no milk. I should have gone to the doctors but I'd rather feel ill than sit in that queue, and anyway I'm going to the studio, Tom's new place at The Chocolate Factory in Islington, and I want to just sit in the sun and think about that and some other things that make me happy.
I also started a new song last night, and it's going to be one that is great to write; when the melody popped into my head it told me to spend time over the lyrics 'because I'm worth it'. I'll obey the instruction.
I've just emailed Joby as he's going to go to the Community Library in Brighton and look up some missing details from the Evening Argus; I thought it was a good swap for some music I will write for a mysterious toadstool project he is cooking up.

So I would call my mood comfortable shame; too lazy to feed myself, slumped on a chair in a patch of sunlight, more music on the way, it's Friday, look at the dust-balls on the floor: what the heck?


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