Friday, March 16, 2007

Something about the Spring

I burst out laughing at breakfast time yesterday. I remembered doing Jazz Studies at Art College with a very serious tutor, a frowning, intense enthusiast. I was fascinated to learn about Big Spider Beck, and spent the whole lesson musing about the origins of his name.
Later, I realised we were talking about Bix Beiderbecke, and was, of course, deeply disappointed.
Going to see Carl today and try to decide on some tracks for the reissue CD; Nude Magazine plopped on to the mat just now and there's a thing I co-wrote about the Chefs for them, with a photo in which I now realise I look horrid but who cares- we all have our off days, let's be honest.
Funny to think between the Joby and the Hooligans and the Chefs there was the Smartees, and Martin says the Chefs inspired the Daintees, which were a sort of toffee. I remember them- i think they were in a blue wrapper with a lady in a crinoline with a bonnet. God, I used to eat a lot of sweets in them days- sitting hidden behind a chair next to the storage heater (ugly thing) with The Arabian Nights which I had on almost permanent loan from the library at Prudhoe, wrapped in a blanket with the cat and a massive bag of Cherry Lips which gummed my teeth together in a gooey red cherry mess. Penny arrows (spearmint or banana split), refreshers and sometimes sherbert fountains but do not exhale while consuming or you will sneeze.
Ah yes, and then I'm going to meet Caroline Coon and we're going to look for a venue for the party for the musicians in June. I still haven't managed to get hold of Vi Subversa or the two Dollymixtures I talked to but I'll keep at it.
See you tomorrow, my pretty angels.


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