Thursday, March 15, 2007

It was interesting yesterday at work

Yesterday at work, lots of people gathered together to talk about what they were writing and music and stuff like that. It lasted for ages, right into the evening. The best one was the last one- this chap was really interested in noise and the fact that a tiny little broken sound signal can be carried over its breaks by surrounding it with noise. His illustration was crayfish in a turbulent rushing stream, being able to hear and sense very small changes in sound even through the chaotic rumblings and splashings of the water. I thought about that all the way home, singing all the while to my worn-out car tape.. 'It's a shay ay ame, the way you messin round with yer man, its a shay ay ame the way you hurtmeeee!!!'.
And it reminded me of going to Deep Sea World outside Edinburgh with McDad, standing laughing at this earnest prawn, crossing from one side of the tank to the other. You see, prawns gallop! There it was with its little beady black eye and near-transparent body, whiskers quivering, and little legs charging away ten to the dozen. You could almost here the cavalry horns blasting away!
Such drama!

I have been awake since 5 a.m.
There is a Bad Cat who comes thru the cat-flap and scoffs the cats' food. When it comes in they run round the house, growling, 'Grrrrr...' in a really feral way. I am sure it is good for them to be scaredy cats once in a while. The problem is, they then get hungry at dawn and they know who feeds them. So up bounced Charlie, with sharp paws (everyone who own a cat knows they can do sharp paws and blunt paws, depending on their intentions); just like a jolly fresh-faced schoolgirl with hockeysticks called Belinda: "Hi, its MEEEE! Time to GET UP this LOVELY MORNING and by the way WHY NOT FEED ME?'
When he realised That Was Not Going To Happen, he stapled himself to my chest with his claws to make sure I suffered along with him.


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