Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tom brought round...

... the final mix of Memento Mori, which I like a lot.
I have a few gigs in the pipeline, lots with Martin, whcih I will enjoy; also Katy Carr texted me this morn to say she'd been listening to Songbird all night and she wants me to do a gig at Borough with her in April; I texted her back but she must have gone to bed. What a compliment though- to keep a person up with your music! I grinned from ear to ear and my head fell off.
I am at work. I have bought in a bottle of Champagne that someone gave me for the woman I share an office with. She's not here at the moment. I like her, and she needs cheering up, so I hope it will help. She has very nearly finished doing a PHD and I know the last few weeks are agony.


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