Saturday, March 10, 2007


Don't know why I didn't think of this before- I've given the virus to a computer! I feel a lot better now. Ha ha!
The 'Is This Music' fanzine came today and they have given Suburban Pastoral 4 stars out of five, which is brilliant.
It was dead funny yesterday recording in Tom's new studio- it's a lovely place, really sunny with high ceilings and a wooden floor, no buses going past shaking the house, no sirens, no water pouring through the light fittings when it rains.
But he's new there, and we went to the vending machine to get some water and got lost on the way back- the place is a warren of studios, corridors and stairways. It's so 'proper' -there's a big goods lift with clanking metal concertina gates and trolleys for gear, and a sense of busy people behind each door.
I edited the best parts of Elle's playing and Tom's doing a mix of it, and did a bit of 'January in Paris' which I think I'll put on Myspace tomorrow even though it's a Winter song and Spring is pouring through the windows. And I recorded another new song, Apple. The thing is, evey time I record a song, it makes space for another one to be written. This is what I have discovered.

I would like to play at some festivals this summer. How do I do that?


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