Sunday, March 11, 2007


Can't stop- a silly man called Mr Firextinguisher has asked to be my Myspace friend.
How dare he have a stupider name than mine?
Meanwhile my stinky dog Blogger has completely taken advantage of my poorly state and has taken to sitting on my lap and gazing into my eyes. He is far too heavy and has a body temperature of a million degrees but I'm too pathetic to shove him off.
Shoo, Blogger, shoo! (no, not shoe, you dolt!)

I've just put a new track up on Myspace, 'January in Paris'; it's a demo for my next album. I'm not in very good voice at the moment, partly thru being a bit under the weather but also because March and April are bad singing months for me because of the Cherry blossom. At a gig in Bournemouth once with the Horns, we went for a walk in the park beforehand. It was full of the most beautifully garlanded white Cherry blossom, but by the time we got to the exit I had completely lost my voice; to me, it was like trying to inhale soup.
Which reminds me: the next night was at Moles in Bath. I had sent the promoter a tape of the band and he called me up to say that not only did he not like the music, he absolutely detested it and no way would he give us a gig at Moles.
A few weeks later we'd done our first Peel session and had a manager (things happen quickly sometimes). He phoned our manager and begged us to play there! And when we did, it was so full, we were squashed flat against the back wall (there was no raised stage), playing all in a line. Brissols came (he was a KIng Kurt fan) and I have an abiding memory of his MASSIVE roofer's boot tapping along in time to the music. Bless!
Yes I did a little drawing for January in Paris.
I'm tussling with another song- bit like pizza dough, stretch it this way and that, fill in holes, biff it, sock it, chuck it in the air, catch it again, and leave to develop in a dark cupboard. It will have cellos and tenor sax, but the lyrics have to be completely perfect because it is a sweet song and I don't want to poison it with saccharine.


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