Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I'm writing this because I've had another bad day with banks. If you won't accept being a number, they won't communicate with you. This is how Nazi Germany functioned, making people into numbers and consequently dehumanising people. I can't wait to start playing gigs again because somehow nothing seems to matter much when I'm doing that. I don't care about walking a mile in the dark to a tiny venue in the back of beyond with my guitar, it's an adventure and it makes me laugh because I'm not... working in a bank!
Anyway, I have a store of ridiculous thoughts in my brain for bad days with banks, and this is today's ridiculous thought. I know quite a few twins (hallo Neil and Callum, if you read this!) and have known two lots with a fat twin and a thin twin. This was puzzling. Then I could see that the fat twin looked at the thin twin and thought, 'It's all right, I'm thin. I'll just carry on eating as much as I always have'. And the thin twin looked at the fat twin and thought, 'I'm getting fat. I should eat less'. That's how it happened.
Claire emailed me a while ago to tell me about some jewellery that was cast out of discarded chewing gum. What a nice idea!


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