Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I have started doing 50 skips each morning, out in the foggy dew with the spiders and their beaded webs, with Blogger looking on, puzzled.
Trouble is, I am no good at it and was about to blame the skipping rope when I remembered taking a metronome back to Blank's Music Store on Kilburn High Road because it didn't keep time! (think about it)
Worthing Paul, you may be pleased to know that you made me laugh out loud this morning! (see comments, 2 days ago)


Anonymous Wor. Paul said...

That's good, bearing in mind your Monday posting. Hope you're having a better week. :)
(I was going to mention Max Roach. But that really IS his name, of course.)

8:19 PM  
Anonymous John D Traynor said...

A metronome that doesn't keep time? So, that's how White Stripes write their songs.

4:40 PM  

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