Friday, September 29, 2006

Wasps and Worms

Apologies for bad spelling this morning- I got up at 6 because there was no equipment at work to uas and I had to drive here this morning to bring my own.But I'm watching the planes- they are going in the other direction today. How does this work? Why don't they crash into each other at changeover time?
Anyway- about P.E. and being thin. You're just crap at it, aren't you, if you don't have a standard body size? And I used to get terrible earache in the cold northeasterly winds! But I did like trampolining (otherwise known as bouncing around on a giant elastic sheet) and badminton, because you didn't have to be strong to do it. Not many people know that badminton was invented by fairies, with rackets made of wasp's wings and a shuttlecock made of a piece of thistledown. You may think that's twee, but it's not- have you ever seen a blood-soaked fairy wrench off a wasp's wing, with the wasp madly and desperately trying to disembowel it by stinging it in the stomach with its fiendish sabre? The blood! the gore!!
That reminds me, I used to collect sets of worms in empty Basildon Bond boxes when McDad was digging in the garden. I put soil in so they felt at home, but they are quite boring creatures, really, and I can't recommend it as a pastime.


Blogger monty said...

Dear Worm Collector? Worms are the most useful of insects, more helpful than the average dragonfly, slug, or snail. And like the blackbird/sparrow/pigeon worms can be eaten- enjoyed with a nice glass of Chablis, especially tasty with crisps!
SETS OF WORMS- Have you ever seen a male worm, mate with a female?

1:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Worms aren't insects
Worms aren't male
Worms aren't female
Worms aren't good with Chablis
Worms are however useful

2:07 AM  

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