Sunday, October 01, 2006


The Newcastle Journal reported an incident in which a man walking home from the pub in an advanced state of inebriation toppled into a pigsty and was partially gobbled up by the pigs. I was rather taken by this example of the perils of the north-east and told a few of my new southern chums about it; they appeared not to believe that such Tom-and-Jerry things could actually happen, and gradually I became convinced that I had imagined the story myself.
I was visiting the McFamily some time later and picked up the Newcastle Journal to get my fix of Geordie life; much to my amusement (in a dark sense, of course) exactly the same thing had happened again- another drunken Geordie had fallen foul of hungry piggies on the way back from the boozer. Don't believe that Novo Castrians live by different rules? Little Bruv's school mate shot his father, who gave him and his brother one pair of trousers between them for Christmas.
Examples of Geordie terminology: bubblin=crying; get wrong=be scolded e.g. 'I got wrong off me mam and started bubblin'


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