Monday, October 02, 2006

The fingernails of the left hand and the fingernails of the right hand

Why is it that the fingernails on my left hand grow so quickly, and they are the ones that need to be short to play guitar, and the fingernails on the right grow so slowly? Those ones need to be long, as any fingerpicker knows. But every time I break one when I'm climbing trees or pulling the wings off wasps, it takes weeks to grow back. Bah!
Meanwhile, Carl is doing a grand job of rescuing some VERY RARE Chefs tracks from cloth-covered oblivion, I've dug out some ancient photographs, and progress is slow but sure on the Chefs release.
I'm going to the library today to photocopy some artwork to send to Emerald for Suburban Pastoral; I smashed the scanner last week and bought a new one but the computer won't accept the software because AVG free viruscan won't switch off (did I hear you call me freeloader?), so off to the library I go, behaving analoguely and not digitally, and then off to Emerald goes the artwork. The master is finished, the launch is in the planning. I don't think the CD will be ready for the Brighton gig at the Albert on the 18th (I have a lovely flyer but can't scan it!) but I will take some of the Helen and the Horns ones down there.
I'm writing a new song, which is a very pleasing puzzle. The problem is, my fingernails are letting me down and I'm not going to feed my body any chocolate for a week as a punishment. That'll show 'em!


Blogger monty said...

Dear Helen, please can Album contain all tracks? What about 24 Hours- the one with a different verse? Im sure THE CHEFS affectionados are waiting with baited breath, Like lions ready to pounce? 'And Dreams are ten times, more than reality' (copyright)

1:04 PM  
Blogger monty said...

Dear Helen, i remember one of your gigs somewhere in the 70s. Some photographer with a movie camera, whatever came of it. Was there a CHEF MOVIE ever made: 'Now playing at a cinema near you' Starring Helen McCookerybook. 'THIS SCREEN HEART-THROB WILL MELT YOUR HEART, BIGGER THAN MARYLIN MONROE MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN JULIA ROBERTS'

1:25 PM  

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