Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Dan Dare with a grey face

Don't worry, it wasn't their faces, just their bodies and paws. They sat on the machine.
Speaking of faces, I'm wearing Dan Dare socks today. A terrble shame; I put them in the washing machine with some dark t-shirts and his face came out grey, as well as the stars and the saturns. I only wear them on special occasions. Today Mike's going to do a photo for the cd cover. I'm going to pick some ivy from the back fence to put in my hair (very suburban; if you haven't been to the suburbs before, let me tell you, ivy in the hair is de rigeur for the middle classes this fall!) and then bomb up to the market to but some stickers with musical instruments on them. I asked all the guest musicians to send me self-portraits and three of them haven't so I'm going to represent them with stickers. I think that's fair.
So that's the day. I love Brixton. I might buy a tin of Chinese biscuits. See you tomorrow.
By the way, Jon and Jill, if you rummage through the archive of this blog you will find the story of the van running Jon over in full detail, from the observer's point of view.


Blogger monty said...

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Blogger monty said...

Dan Dare was just a cartoon character? How can you compare yourself to a figurine who was responsible for saving the world on several occasions. A hero in many childrens eyes? You alone, are my hero!

3:27 PM  

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