Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bruv's Party

If this computer crashes one more time I will change my name to Celia Crashfingers by deed poll.
Yesterday was Bruv's annual party and Jonathan was there who used to manage the Chefs when we moved to London. He hasn't changed at all apart from looking more like a gardener than a manager, but that of course is a positive change. He was sporting a particularly funky Hawaiian shirt.Peter, if you are reading this, I am playing at the Albert in Brighton on the 18th of October, would be lovely to see you both and please drag that Jonathan and Jill along too.
I got an idea for my next book while I was talking to Jon. Industrial Hazards Encountered by Being A Rock Star- the usual ones, drug-, tobacco- and alchohol addiction and STDs, of course- but what about RSI from repeated instrumental playing, night after night, month after month, year after year? Back problems from carrying unfeasibly heavy amps? Increased likelihood of injury or death from driving about endlessly in vans driven by unsavoury people? Food poisoning from dry mouldy rider sandwiches? Mental anguish from believing yourself to be the Emperor or Empress of the world for many years but then discovering that you are a mere mortal that eats,sleeps and goes to the loo like everyone else in the world?
The list is endless. Don't bother, guys! Stay at home and watch Spinal Tap instead!
Ah yes- thank you to the people who responded to the request for the Slits interview and posted links. Look up the Typical Girls website if you're interested, I'll put a link when I have dug out Mike's book to remind myself of how to do the HTML.
Little Bruv had a brown knitted teddy when he was little.'What are you going to call it?' asked McMum. 'Freddy', replied Little Bruv. 'Why?', asked McMum. 'Because it's made out of freads'.


Anonymous Jill wife of Jonathan said...

But what of the Industrial Hazards Encountered by Unsavory Types Driving Band Vans? Jonathan often recounts (with what appears to more glee than regret) the time he fell out of The Chefs' van when it was on a hard lock and it described a full circle before driving over his chest...

9:02 PM  
Anonymous Jonathan said...

Wife forgot to say that I was actually driving the van at the time. Nice bit of rain today, good gardening weather.

9:05 PM  
Anonymous Peter, brother of Jonathan said...

I remember hearing that Jonathan was embarrassed when they wheeled him into casualty because he had dog poop on his brothel creepers and was wearing no underwear.

Looking forward to the Albert, Helen! They've got a big poster of you on the pub

1:27 PM  

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