Friday, April 07, 2006

Updating Myspace

I have put a new song called Gretna Green on while I mix the others- Ben from Utrophia has got a song called 'Properties of Chalk and Sun' (see to find out what it is about!) which he is going to play something on... it was time to take French Footsteps away and bury it again... the photo is from a graveyard near Gretna Green, at Sweetheart Abbey which Queen Dervorgilla built for her lover John Balliol out of pink stone that maidens rowed across the sea... when he died she set a place for him at the table every day, but gave his food to the poor.
Did you think I made that up?


Blogger monty said...

Dear Helen. We were entertained today with a fine musical performance by a legend in the music business. Singer/Songwriter Helen McCookerybook ex.Of The Chefs and Helen and the Horns fame.Originally from Brighton,and now London,helen came to Headway Shoreditch on wed.Mar7th.Armed only with a guitar,helen played an acoustic set,of some self written numbers.Between songs, and applause helen told us how she took her first musical steps in a male dominated profession.Playing such numbers as: The Word is goodbye,and London.Helen had us wanting more.We all hope she can appear here again,as an Audio recording just is'nt enough. Monty XXX

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