Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Rockin'est Rocker in Town

Sort of, I wish I was, although I think it's quite rockin' to turn down a free ticket to see the Cure at the Royal Albert Hall in order to play at the Carnaervon Castle in Camden with a whole bunch of rock bands. Anyway, it was fun and Treacle and Mark (hello Treacle, I'm looking forward to seeing the photo) came to see me play, and I met Jay from Lennyrocks (check out ). And it was good to sing and good to play and Mark made a film on his camera and I drove them at high speed to Liverpool Street and they missed the train to Norwich but I didn't know because I was on a double red line and had to go round the block to escape the rozzers and by then they had gone...
Adventures, adventures, that's what it's all about. If you don't ever play to a rock audience you become a cowardly custard, you have to be tough and do your stough no matter what. Lots of people seemed to like it anyway, and I'm going to write a one-minute rock epic in tribute to the night. Say yes to everything, and see where it takes you.....


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