Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Studio Last Night

I'm gradually finishing off stuff for the album. I am pleased that I can now play stuff live without a click track and keep it in time, and although some of the singing and playing is less than perfect, the feel of the music is loads better. So I re-recorded Hymn to Kent which I wrote about a year and a half ago, and recorded a song called Little England, and a 30-second rockabilly song called Rock and Romance (They Don't Go Together)

Rock and romance they don't go together
The green eyed monster and the brown eyed man
Rock and romance, you'll never get to heaven
Cos if I can't get there, no-one can

I'll make a bet you won't find a partner
While you're playing around with that band
Any romance is just a non-starter
Till you leave your equipment in the van

Cheeky, huh?

On the way home in the car I started thinking about how much I love zebras. At first I thought it's just because they are black and white and striped, but then I realised how much I like their little silly brushy manes and their fat striped bums. They are really camp, actually. I imagine the boy ones would have speaking voices like Julian Clary and the girl ones would sound like Bonnie Langford and thcream and thcream until they were thick. Musically, they would be heavily into disco and electronica, Veronica.


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