Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Last Interview for The Book

I think this was the last one- I'd wanted to try to talk to Chrissie Hynde but I think I have just about run out of energy. I went to Brixton yesterday to talk to Rhoda Dakar, and I'm really glad I did. I wanted to know about the Bodysnatchers, and although there's a reasonable amount of press articles about them, I think there were so many of them that everybody encountered a mob and didn't really get to grips with the band very much. It was interesting to hear about the different attitudes within the band. Rhoda was really inspired by the Mo-Dettes, and because I talked to their drummer June Miles-Kingston a few weeks ago it feels as though lots of bits of a jigsaw are putting themselves together.
What else? I'm off to the studio today, I think there will be some more songs to put on to Myspace soon.
I keep getting asked for more Chefs stuff. The BBC should put more sessions on to their site- they have lots of our tracks. And Chuck Warner should release the track I sent him! Apart from that I have a knackered tape of our album that was never released, that needs a lot of money spent on rescuing it before anyone could do anything with it, and some old demos on cassette.


Anonymous kt corris said...

just came across you. don't really know what your book is but it sounds like history of a period in which i was very involved - from the 101ers to opening up acklam hall for music to the clash and pistols, slits, raincoats, derelicts, and mo-dettes.

if you have actually written your book i'd love to see it, if not maybe i can fill you in on a few spaces if you have any

7:28 PM  

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