Thursday, April 06, 2006

Doctor Punk's Stethoscope

I had a call from the Daily Mirror, who are doing a 'Where are they now' feature on punks. I talked to them- Gina's in Sydney but I think she'll do it from there, Gaye Black's out of the country. A photographer was coming to where I work, which is on the same site as Northwick Park Hospital. I arranged to meet him in reception, but he wasn't there. He called to say he was in reception- at the hospital! Apparently he'd been told I was a doctor at the hospital and was expecting to photograph me in a white coat with a stethoscope!
Fact: the McCookerybook is a Doctor of Philosophy, not a medical one: I can solve all your philosophical problems with one simple consultation, which will cost you a mere thousand pounds an hour (roughly the same as a facelift, see postings passim)


Blogger monty said...

A doctor of Philosophy, so if a tree falls down in a forest when no one is around, does it make any sound? and what is colour? How do we know whether the green i see is the same as the green you see?

Monty x

Do i get charged a fee?

3:42 PM  

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