Monday, April 03, 2006

More potatoes, and fireworks

In the mad house where Justin melted his boots, we had fantastic parties. One bonfire night we had a huge fire in the garden- people were tearing down the fence to put on the fire and swinging through the trees. My brother found a giant rocket and we all stood under a tree excitedly while he let it off- under the tree. It whooshed up, hit a branch, turned round and came back down again, very fast..... RUN!!!!!
There was an empty room in the house and that night we filled the cooker with potatoes to bake and put 50p in the meter and lit the gas. We forgot all about them and several weeks later Charlotte opened the oven and all the potatoes had sprouted great big green leaves.
A hippy came to the party and broke into the empty house next door. He came round the next day with a pie he had made from some old flour he had found in the kitchen and pears from the pear tree in the garden. We said thank you but we did not eat the pie.
And then there was the police raid.....
Next episode: Paul and Annie and the cannibal finches, the violin and more.
Gossip: Madness are recording an album, produced by Dennis Bovell!


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