Saturday, April 15, 2006

Spelling, guilt, writing on my hand

Yes, OK Monty, I mis-spelled a word in my previous posting and this is shameful for a Doctor!
My only excuse is posting from a hotel that was charging £3.25 for half an hour and then 25 p a minute after that! Talk about racing for time, I couldn't even see my fingers!

Had a great time in Scotland, although it's still winter there but that didn't stop me from quad-biking in a quarry which was MAD!!! I brought back some chilli sauce called sporran-splitter for Mike's birthday- which I guiltily missed again, and Offline too- how dare my inconsiderate family all have birthdays at this time of year? You'd think they'd share them out a bit, wouldn't you?

Oh yes, writing on my hand! I do this all the time and I can't stop. Once I was being greatly troubled by an annoying chap called Roger (fake name of course) who was really winding me up to the extent that I had to write his name in felt pen on the back of my hand to remind myself to do all the annoying things he had asked me to do. I woke up in the morning and went to brush my teeth in the bathroom- I looked in the mirror and what was written in huge letters on my neck? Roger!
I had slept on my hand and the felt pen had transferred itself in reverse on to my neck and reversed itself again in the mirror!
You'd think such horrors would stop the habit, but no. I'll have to go for anti-hand-writing counselling, just as soon as I have written it on my hand to remind myself to do it....

(Got a gig next Sunday at Red Hedgehog in Archway, but no details yet)


Blogger Mike said...

I want my sporran-splitter!

If you're around this week there's a veritable feast of Offlines coming up.

The birthday mini-Offline in the Prince Albert, Brixton went so well it's now a regular event (next one this Saturday), and then there's the usual bumper Offline at Jamm, Brixton next Thursday.

I've got four top notch bands booked, so come on down!

1:24 AM  

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