Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Chefs posters and Song Club

The Chefs website has now posted my collection of Chefs posters- bit of a nostalgia trip for anyone who used to come and see us. I used to get Carl, the guitarist, to make me sardines on toast while I drew them; and my budgie Toby (who I rescued from you, Joby) used to scuttle around on the paper while I drew them, and occasionally jump on to my head and preen my hair very delicately. The link is
Just got back from the first session of Song Club- thirteen little children singing at the tops of their voices and trying not to notice the packet of Jammie Dodgers that they get to eat at the end. I had 2.
Put BJ Cole's pedal steel tracks on to my music- brilliant! I'll put a new version of Songbird with pedal steel on to myspace in the next couple of days.....


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