Tuesday, March 04, 2008


The Blue Peter tortoise is waking up and kicking at its cardboard box with its blunt scaly tootsies, and the world starts to force its eyes open and stretch and shiver after winter.
Always excited by small things, the fact that 'Love on the Wind' has been played 92 times in the couple of days since I put it on Myspace is thrilling me to bits.
The Chefs cd is going to happen; other exciting things are around in the air. It might snow; it might not. Faladay!
I realise I had understimated the Importance of Me. Joby called again yesterday and was talking again about how I was the first ever female best man in Chelsea Registry Office, and how it was mentioned in Vogue. What a lifetime's achievement for Me!!!
I must make Myself a t-shirt and wear it on all occasions when I feel threatened by my complete lack of gravitas.
Ah Me!


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